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"One Source, One Responsibility"

RMC offers design, communications and / or IR to publicly listed and private companies. We specialize in strategic online communications which integrate Permission Based Marketing [PBM] email blasts, advanced SEO techniques and secure data room infrastructure into every website we build. RMC client websites are developed, promoted and maintained with market regulations and opportunities in mind. Investor Relations services ensure that the client company’s story is visible, consistent and on target.  Our ready-to-go service solutions are affordable, require minimal start-up costs and generate immediate market interest. With more than 30 years of experience in Canada and abroad, RMC is a powerful strategic partner for companies wanting to communicate their potential to investors while maintaining branded and compliant dialogue with stakeholders.  

Investor Relations

Investor Relations services are DIFFERENT than what they used to be.

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Hiring a consultant to provide RECOMMENDATIONS should never be an annoying obligation demanded by your board or based on a  failing business model.

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Secure Data Room

User names and passwords are required to gain access to a SECURE  multi-custom account, FTP upload / download / file transfer area.

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Email Marketing

There’s a new wave of ADVERTISING taking over internet marketing, called Permission Based Marketing (PBM).

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Recent Work

Here are some of our latest clients who’ve grown their businesses through RMC web design, online advertising and investor relation strategies.